Italian Restaurant Festival at the Restaurant Tech Live 2016

Italian Restaurant Festival is pleased to announce that we will be at the Restaurant Tech Live 2016, a great exhibition hosted by London Excel on the 27th and 28th September.

We will be there to support our Booking Partner, Digital Restaurant Cloud. Therefore if you would like to get further info about the Italian Restaurant Festival or just have an informal chat with us, do not hesitate to pop by Stand 1074!

Just to spend a few words about this event we will take part in, the Restaurant Tech Live is a major new European exhibition dedicated to the emerging technology and services that are forming the future of the restaurant business.

The show provides a view into dining of tomorrow and will offer restaurant owners the opportunity to find the latest products, apps, systems, and advancements from across the globe. Here, all from under one roof, visitors will be able to see, test, and touch the technology that will transform the way they run their business, attract customers, and set themselves apart from the competition.

Nowadays technology is having a huge impact on the hospitality sector. Restaurant are gradually changing, using innovative techniques for a more efficient management and to facilitate processes. At the same time, food suppliers are adopting high tech methods to improve the quality of their products and distinguish them from their competitors.

However, some people are afraid about the uncontrollable rise of technology. They see it as a threat to all the fascinating old traditions, which still characterise the way of working of restaurants and producers.

The conclusion is one. We need to find the right compromise between “new” and “old”, in order to create high quality products available on the market and deliver unique dining experiences to all the people who love eating out. This exhibition will also help the audience to reflect on this important issue.


What are you waiting for then! Come along to the Restaurant Tech Live 2016, get your free ticket and talk with us!