Sartori’s Menu: a real south Italian experience in the heart of London

Are you crazy about Italian food?
Don’t worry, we are working to let you experience the real Italian taste!

During all the month of November, the most authentic Italian restaurants around London will delight guests with selected menus chosen specifically for the event, offering typical dishes from different regions of the Italian Peninsula.
The aim of this Festival is to communicate to Londoners the authentic Italian gastronomic tradition, a true immersion inside the real taste of Italy.

Today we would like to present the special menù created by Sartori Restaurant.
Sartori is a guarantee if you think that even many Italians living in London choose to visit Sartori for a genuine taste of Italy. It has an extensive menu offering antipasti, pasta, meat and fish second and many other traditional Italian dishes including “naughty” homemade desserts.

The highlights of this special festival menù include three main courses based on a whole fish, meat and vegetarian meal. A treat for all palates and preferences.

See below the description and photos of these delicious dishes.

Vegetarian Menu

Spaghetti with Nerano zucchine, basil and smoked mozzarella
Ricotta and pear cake, pastry Sal de riso di Amalfi
Wine: Cantina Rocca dei leoni, Aglianico rosso


Meat Menu 

Potato gateau
Pizza sausage and Friarielli
Pastiera Napoletana
Wine: Rose’ terre cerase, Rocca dei leoni


Fish menu 

Sauté with mussells and clams
Paccheri with seafood
Lemon delight
Wine: Falanghina mastro Berardino

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Water, Limoncello and coffee are included.

Vegetarian Menu 45£
Meat Menu 45£
Fish menu 50£

Now a little bit of Sartori’s history

Established in 2010 Sartori offers a good-range of Italian classics, ranging from their “star” the Sartori pizza to traditional Italian bruschettas.
If you are looking for an authentic Southern Italian food in the heart of London Sartori is your place, just minutes away from Covent Garden and Leicester Square.
The restaurant has a special atmosphere and makes you feel like you are in Naples, a place full of enthusiasm were people around you are warm and speaking Italian
A rustic interior, with a traditional giant wood burning brick oven, which is perfectly fitted in the open kitchen. It brings the whole room alive with the warmth and the aroma of the authentic smoky flavour.

If you want to feel as you just have won a flight to Napoli just go to Sartori and enjoy it!

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By mid – February it will be possible to book online through our website.

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