Alla Salute! Trattoria – Pizzeria – Social : A sensory voyage to Apulia

Now let’s jump from north to south to discover Apulia, nominated the ‘Best Value Destination 2016’ by National Geographic for its beauty, traditions, landscapes and tourism. Apulia is a south-east Italian region which has everything you could ask for: from the flat lands ideal for biking and walking, to the miles of Adriatic and Ionian coastline, beg for holiday makers

A perfect representation of Apulia is the Italian restaurant Alla salute!, which aims to deliver the traditional and authentic flavours from Apulia, whilst emphasising the Mediterrean Diet.

locale alla salute

Alla salute! is located in Deptford (south east London) and it is few minutes walk from the DLR station.

Alla salute!: history and founders

Alla Salute! was founded in 2016 by Barbara and Enrica, two dynamic and enthusiastic ladies from Apulia who share the passion for authentic Apulian food.
Barbara, the shopkeeper, moved to London 10 years ago and founded a home business to import and sell regional products from Apulia. The Co-founder is Enrica, the Chef. Enrica has always been passionate about cooking, but since she moved to London in 2011 her desire to communicate the Apulian tradition through the art of cooking further increased. In fact, Enrica’s aim was (and still is) to spread the authentic Apulian culinary experience in London.


Alla salute! Kitchen

The idea lying behind Alla salute! is to promote slow food (food prepared in accordance with Apulian culinary traditions using high-quality products and locally sourced ingredients). In line with this aim, the dishes of this restaurant are carefully prepared with organic, healthy and local ingredients. All dishes are made from scratch following the ‘sound body in a sound mind’ concept. For instance, pizza is proofed for at least 24 hours and freshly prepared with organic flour and extra virgin oil.

The menu is extremely varied: it ranges from typical Apulian starters (e.g. Burrata: mozzarella cheese with a creamy heart served with cherry tomato medley, fresh rocket salad and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil) to fresh artisanal pasta (e.g.Troccoli Salsiccia, Broccoli & Caciocavallo Podolico: durum wheat artisanal spaghetti with fresh Italian sausage, broccoli sauce and creamy caciocavallo cheese); from pizzas (14 topping options are available) to desserts.
Vegetarian dishes are also available. An example is Fave and Cicorie, a traditional vegan dish served with homemade croutons prepred all around Apulia.


Alla salute! at the Italian restaurant festival

During the festival, Alla salute! proposes a menu based on two courses (the starter and the main). Each course reflects the authentic Apulian tradition and it is accompained by a glass of typical Apulian wine.

Below the menu’s details and photos.


Fave & Cicorie: Mashed broad beans and sautee Wild Chicory (Broadbeans and Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Collina di Brindisi PDO” – both organic – are sourced from Azienda Agricola Umberto Cavallo, Carovigno (BR) Apulia. Wild Chicory is sourced from Spirito Contadino, Borgo Tressanti (FG) Apulia).



La Burrata Pugliese: Delicious Mozzarella with a creamy heart served with cherry tomato medley, fresh rocket salad and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil (we source our Burrata from Caseificio Olanda (Apulia).



Wine pairing: Bombino Bianco Casa Primis (Stornarella FG, Apulia), native of North Apulia. Fruity scent with hints of green apple; well balanced intensity and light flavour. 12% ABV



Troccoli Salsiccia Broccoli & Caciocavallo Podolico: Durum wheat Apulian Spaghetti with fresh Italian sausage, broccoli sauce and creamy caciocavallo cheese. (Troccoli pasta is sourced from Pastificio D’Amicis, Serracapriola (FG), Apulia. Caciocavallo Podolico is a Slow Food certified product from Masseria Paglicci, Rignano Garganico (FG), Apulia).


Pizza alle Cime di Rapa: Mozzarella, Sauteed Cime di Rapa (Broccoli Rabe) with anchovies, chili, white wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Vegetarian/Vegan option available (Our Pizza dough is made with heritage stone-milled Apulian flours like Senatore Cappelli, sourced from Mulino Macchia Grande, Carovigno (BR), Apulia. Cime di Rapa are sourced from Spirito Contadino, Borgo Tressanti (FG) Apulia).


Wine pairing: Brindisi Riserva 1952 Cantine Sampietrana (San Pietro Vernotico (BR), Apulia. Montepulciano and Negramaro native grapes give this wine a scent of cherries; spices flavour, chocolate and caramel on the finish.

Price: £38.00 per person

Did you know that….?

The name ‘Alla salute!’ can be translated in English as ‘cheers!

The logo represents three ingredients typical of Apulia: tomato, olives and wheat. These 3 ingredients are grouped under a cook hat which has the colours of the Italian flag: green, white and red.

Design and furniture: All around the restaurant you are surrounded by warm colours (e.g. orange, red and yellow) which create a welcoming and bubbly atmosphere. In the meantime, on the walls several pottery plates and bowl from Apulia hang: these keep a linkage with the Apulian tradition.

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