A culinary journey through the heart of Italy

A culinary journey through
the heart of Italy

What is Italian Restaurant Festival?

The Italian Restaurant Festival is a travelling event involving the Best Italian Restaurants in London which have exported and spread the Italian culture and values in the city.

During the whole month of May 2020, guests will be able to taste high quality traditional Italian dishes and wine in the most authentic Italian restaurants of the British capital. The festival takes place inside the restaurants involved in the project. This allows people to get closer to the Italian cuisine, philosophy, and tradition and to experience the way Italians consider food: a slow and sociable pleasure moment to share with people you love. 

The aim of the Italian Restaurant Festival is to transmit the culture of Italian food abroad. Our culinary tradition is rich and diversified. We’d like to introduce guests to the products, recipes and customs of the Italian regions. Among the regional cuisines involved, there are the ones from Emilia-Romagna, Campania, Puglia and Sicily.

The festival also allows visitors to discover the stories behind a restaurant business, general manager or chef. Behind food, there are always people and there are always stories to tell.

How does it work?

The event is travelling. We give guests the opportunity to taste authentic Italian food by booking a table at restaurants our team has carefully selected. Many locations are involved, or better saying, many restaurants. The additional value of Italian Restaurant Festival is given by the fact that it takes place inside the London Italian restaurants. By February, it will be possibile to book special lunches and dinners at the restaurants guests most fancy, directly from the festival website. The festival’s restaurants will cerate a special menu just for the special occasion of the Italian Restaurant Festival.

What can YOU do at the Italian Restaurant Festival?

You will have the opportunity to plunge into the Italian authentic cuisine and tradition.

You will be able to choose where to taste and sample your favourite dishes and wines.

You will discover the secrets and curiosities of one of the world’s most loved countries: behind every dish, there is a story.

Furthermore, You will have the opportunity to attend masterclasses held by Top Italian Chefs, in collaboration with FIC.

What are our Values?

We are committed to Hospitality, Tradition, Authenticity, Culture, Quality, Conviviality.

In one word: Italianness!