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Ritorno: The finest Sicilian Cicchetti in London

Fed up with standard restaurant menus? Today we will explore some Sicilian dishes revisited with a modern light touch by Ritorno, an elegant, premium lounge bar and Italian kitchen in Chelsea. Ritorno, which aims to bring an authentic Italian aperitivo experience in London, offers over 40 small plates (cicchetti) created using the highest quality and freshest […]

Cacciari’s Restaurants: delights from Bologna, the City of Culture and Food

Are you passionate about Bolognese sauce and the famous tortellini? Today we will make you experience the authentic soul of Emilia Romagna with its well-established culinary traditions. Paticularly, we will keep alive the connection with this beautiful Italian region through the format and dishes of a typical trattoria bolognese: a traditionally family owned, casual, rustic […]

Franzina Trattoria: From Palermo to Brixton

Still curious to explore more specialties from Sicily? Try the authentic cuisine of Palermo, the bustling and breathtaking capital of Sicily. Palermo is a special and unique city, know for the astonishing beauty of its landscape, architecture and for its marvelous artistic treasures, coming from different areas of the world. Franzina Trattoria is a Brixton […]

Tziganos: Discover the taste of the Island in the Sun

Sicily is worldwide known as the Island in the Sun. Characterized by its warm weather, its impressive architecture and the Mediterranean landscape, Sicily is the largest Italian island and represents the meeting point of the most ancient and fascinating cultures: Greek, Norman, Spanish and Arab. Eager to taste the authentic Sicilian Cuisine? Drop in to Tziganos, […]

Manitoba Kitchen Restaurant: A Taste of Romagna

Today we are glad to introduce you Manitoba restaurant: the first Tigella Kitchen Bar in London, where Italian tradition and innovation blend perfectly to provide you with an extraordinary gastronomic experience.   Manitoba Restaurant is located in the heart of London, next to Tottenham Court Road Underground Station. The main character: The Tigella The main dish […]

A new Immersive Culinary Experience in London

Spreading the Italian culinary culture in London. This is the aim of the Italian Restaurant Festival, a new way to experience the real taste of Italy and to communicate to Londoners the authentic Italian gastronomic tradition. From the 1st to the 31st of May 2017, the most authentic Italian restaurants in London will delight guests with selected […]